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Trucillo loves the environment

A true circular economy, with the reuse of silverskin


One of the key principles of circular economy is the transformation of waste from the production process into a new resource which is reintroduced into the economic cycle, thus extending its life and reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of.

We have been actively observing this principle since August 2021 together with our neighbours Agriges, one of Italy’s four largest fertiliser producers.

How exactly? By reusing silverskin. This is the outer layer covering coffee beans, which dries out and falls off during the roasting process.

Silverskin is usually a waste product that is disposed of. An estimated twenty tonnes a year are produced by Trucillo: a huge amount, especially if we bear in mind that it is a very light and volatile material.

Thanks to technology and the improvements that are continually being introduced at the modern production facility on the edge of Salerno, silverskin is recovered by extraction and compressed by external machinery which compresses it into small pieces similar to pellets.

It thus becomes a by-product that Trucillo sends to Agriges, where it is deployed in producing ecologically-friendly soil conditioners permitted in Organic Agriculture.

And so, every tonne of silverskin contributes to the production of fifty tonnes of soil conditioner that can be used for all kinds of crops: trees, horticulture, industrial, cereals and fourth range food products.

New value is generated from the by-product, the amount of waste to be disposed of is notably reduced, as are associated costs (75% in Trucillo’s case).

We try to not throw anything away, for the wellbeing of our mind and of the environment.