Coffee is culture and beauty in beans.

Every sip is a handful of kilometers.

Antonia travelling, Trucillo's ecstasy


The ecstatic can contains our vision of absolute beauty: the meeting of cultures.

The travel component is essential for those who produce coffee,
and the encounter with the cultures that produce it is necessary
for the magic to happen: the ecstasy of the product.

Moments of ecstatic pleasure

A single-origin coffee in beans that represents a sensorial journey
through three magnificent destinations,
that are the origins
of the product:

Honduras, brazil and guatemala

There is no blend, except cultural, and the result is absolute, pure and decisive.

Every origin of coffee speaks of a land, conveys a story, spreads a culture.
Coffee is knowledge, handcraft and a ritual experience.

This selection is the result of a journey, a deep dive experience in a coffee plantation, an eye-to-eye chat
with a farmer, and above all, it comes from the love for coffee.

Coffee is alive, constantly evolving. Each bean is part of a fascinating ecosystem, a crossroads of cultures and different lands. Inside every cup there is the energy of a lot of people and their stories
of daily devotion to the land.
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Travelling through farms with the caficultores, allowed me to experience coffee as plant, and then as fruit.
Each bean touches many hands and lives the many stories of those who care for it.

I love to share with you this long journey that starts from distant places to reach coffee lovers around the world.

I hope you will find in this cup of coffee the same passion I felt visiting the farmers of this country.

Beauty and ecstatic symbolism,
through the eyes of Antonia

The ecstatic can has collected colorful memories and transformed
them into symbols:

the explosion, the bond and the contamination

are the common denominator of these beans, and they
become the new dress of the can.
A symbolic flag, with the warm colors of the countries of origin
and the symbols of the Trucillo value code.

100% recyclable Can

The one-way valve technology at the bottom allows to pack the coffee as soon as is roasted so you can savour all the aromas. 100% Recyclable can. Friendly top: open easily and use in total safety with the smooth edges inside.

Theouter casing of the can is made of a fabric made by tailors from our area.

A choice that combines both the valorization of territorial resources and attention to quality and craftsmanship.

Are you ready for this journey?

The destination is its origin.