Trucillo Honduras
250g – 1kg BEANS
250g – 1kg BEANS
The perfect fusion of elegance and specialty.

Country > Honduras
Production Area > Marcala – Montecillos
Altitude > 1.600 mt
Speciee > Arabica
Botanical Variety > Cattura
Screen > 16 UP
Process > Washed


SPECIAL T represents the perfect union between the art of specialty co ee and the heritage of Trucillo, a brand that for generations has embodied excellence in the production of coffee.

The T, symbol of Trucillo, merges with the essence of specialty coffee, creating a name that reflects dedication to quality, innovation and sensory experience.

The term “specialty coffee” refers to the concept of coffee cultivated with care, carefully selected and prepared with skill. Special T goes further, bringing with it the distinctive brand of Trucillo, synonymous with tradition and passion for coffee.

This fusion results in a unique product, where each cup of Special T is a sensory journey through intense aromas, rich flavors and unprecedented qualities. With Special T, Trucillo continues its mission to elevate the taste of coffee to new heights, combining the exceptionality of the specialty with the uniqueness of the brand.

The ritual of preparing a specialty coffee is a journey that begins with waiting and culminates in a unique result. Each cup tells a story of dedication, authenticity and passion that only the combination of specialties and Trucillo can offer.

Trucillo has three single origins 100% Arabica: Brazil, Guatemala and Honduras. Responsibly sourced by our Q grader Antonia Trucillo


Delighful chocolate and almond




Sweet and bright


Sweet and pleasant finish

single origin

Honduras – Marcala, Montecillos

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