The new home of Trucillo

Building a shared company

A shared company, where people are central with their ideas, their passion, their will to work and create, and therefore become unquestioned protagonists of the company success. 

Our aim is definitely to make a high-quality coffee, but above all to “spread the Coffee culture through a quality product”. 

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This is the shared goal that the whole Trucillo team aims at with passion and determination, taking care of each and every aspect from the production to the trading, from the bean to the cup, sharing with our partners the pride to offer together all the pleasure held into a cup of coffee.

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Accademia Trucillo offers a worldwide, 60-years-long experience into the coffee world through a dynamic and ambitious training program. It represents a tool providing excellent commercial opportunities, giving constant and innovative support, in order to learn everything about the art of coffee.


Until today, there are more than 5000 professionals and operators in the industry taking part to our courses and therefore experimenting the different available opportunities to improve their own activity.

Find out how to become a top-level barista and how to promote and personalize your place to the fullest.


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