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Certified Italian Espresso

Certified Italian Espresso

1000G - Beans


Blend of coffee beans, qualified and certified for its excellent organoleptic and sensory properties, according to the Technical Specification n.008.

The Certified Italian Espresso blend is made up of different Arabica and Robusta qualities, coming from the best producing areas. Great aromatic intensity with delicate notes of vanilla and roasted almond and scents of fruits and flowers. Sweet and fragrant, balanced taste with tactile sensations of roundness and softness. Its cream, intensely hazel-brown in color and fine in texture, characterizes the coffee.
A sublime discovery, a pleasure hitting all the senses.

Sensory Profile

Hazelnut, Vanilla, Roasted almond, Flowers, Ripe fruit


Central and Southern America, Africa, Asia

Profilo Sensoriale 454 Eng