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Espresso Italiano Tasting

The Coffee Taster’s license, in cooperation with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters.

Learning the espresso coffee sensory profile to achieve the taster’s degree


Learning the espresso coffee sensory profile to achieve the taster’s degree.

The license course, conducted in cooperation with the I.I.A.C., gives you the opportunity to become coffee tasters in order to discover how to evaluate one of the most loved drinks in the whole world. The course is structured into a theoretical part and a practical tasting one. It lasts eight hours and it ends with an examination test for those willing to become tasters.


Theoretical part

  • The espresso tasting: purposes, environmental and psychophysical conditions of the taster and operated tools
  • The sensory organs judgment: appearance, aromatic profile, taste
  • Tasting form: what is it and how to use it
  • The geography of production and consumption, the cultivation and the coffee processing methods, the roasting and the entailed chemical and organoleptic modifications, the packaging systems and their influence on the aromas preservation, the blend type and the impact on the cup quality
  • The coffee grinder doser and the espresso machine: constitution, types, choice, use and maintenance in order to guarantee a perfect espresso; rules and methods constantly resulting into an excellent espresso


Practical part: the tasting

It covers the application of the tasting method to a series of didactic espresso coffees composed by some quality models, pure Arabica and Robusta formulations, samples with evident anomalies in the production cycle of the green coffee, of the roasting and/or conservation process and/or resulting from a poor preparation (grinding and extracting mistakes).



  • Italian Espresso Tasting, IIAC tasters’ handbook
  • Tasting forms block
  • Notebook and pen
  • The Tasting, the sensory analysis magzine



At the end of the course it is possible to take the license exam. It is made up of a theoretical test (a written test over the topics covered during the class) and a sensory test.



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Course type

Theoretical and practical


8 hours


Accademia Trucillo


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