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The ABC of Coffee

From the botany to the cup.
All the secrets that make coffee quality unique.



The whole journey covered by the beans from the plant to the cup will be illustrated: the history, the main qualities of coffee and the cultivation systems, the blending, the roasting and the barista ability.

The facility tour allows the participants to closely witness the different stages of coffee processing, while the practical tasting part provides the tools for learning how to recognize a good espresso.

To whom it is addressed

A course dedicated to all the enthusiasts and to those willing to start a professional experience into the coffee world.


  • Coffee origins: history and spread of coffee throughout the world
  • Main qualities: Arabica and Robusta
  • Hints of botany: the plant, the fruit, the processing methods
  • The roasting
  • The barista ability: the perfect espresso
  • The tasting: the espresso visual, olfactory and gustatory features
  • Tasting
  • Tasting of a perfect espresso coffee
  • Tasting of an espresso coffee resulting from a poor preparation
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Theoretical and practical


4 hours




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