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Coffee Hour

Hot and cold coffee preparations
Seductive coffee permutations to be proposed at every hour of the day



Starting from the perfect espresso coffee extraction, we will go through all the new cafeteria proposals signed by Trucillo. A menu rich in coffee specialties is going to broaden your bar offer with hot and cold preparations, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, suited for each hour of the day.

The course, highly practical, ranges from the classic specialties to the most innovative ones, in order to stimulate the palate through our gourmand proposals, where the espresso is mixed with multiple flavors for new and surprising matches.

You will learn how to make seductive coffee preparations with tasty aromas, how to fulfill imaginative creations with chocolate, chopped hazelnuts and whipped cream, how to skillfully decorate with pens and toppings, how to prepare cold specialties and coffee-based cocktails.

A great attention is dedicated to cups decoration and to service, because a good taste perception starts from the eyes!



To all the Bar, Food Service and Hospitality industry professionals willing to broaden their cafeteria offer with innovative and captivating proposals.



  • The coffee station: the bar counter preparation
  • The coffee specialties: ingredients, equipment and cups
  • The basic preparations
  • The espresso coffee: the perfect espresso preparation
  • The hot coffee specialties
  • The cold coffee specialties
  • The service
  • The menu: Coffee Hour
  • The medium price evaluation
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Course type

Theoretical and practical


6 hours


120€ + IVA


Accademia Trucillo and/or external locations

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