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Barista Basic

From the bean to the espresso.
Theory and technique for the perfect espresso preparation.



The espresso is in an extraordinary drink, capable of offering deep and inimitable gustatory and olfactory experiences. Taste, body and aroma, exalted by the exclusive preparation method, result from several elements: the blend quality, the equipment efficiency and the barista ability. An unparalleled bond that contributes to perpetuate and enhance the Italian espresso coffee tradition across the world.

The course provides a deep knowledge about the main coffee qualities, the cultivation systems and the production processes in the origin countries, the roasting, the blending, the perfect extraction of the Italian espresso and the milk foaming techniques.

To whom it is addressed

To all the Bar, Food Service and Hospitality professionals willing to increase their theoretical knowledge and to investigate the coffee world techniques and the proper use of the equipment in order to expand their abilities.


  • The history of coffee and its evolution across the world
  • The botanical species and varieties. The countries of origin.
  • The green coffee processing stages
  • The roasting: the processing techniques
  • The perfect espresso and the 6M rule
  • The coffee grinder doser: identification of the main components
  • The grinding and dosing regulation
  • The grinding and dosing influence over the supplying time
  • The espresso machine: identification of the main components
  • The perfect espresso preparation stages
  • Under-extracted and over-extracted coffee: sensory differences
  • The different methods of coffee extraction
  • The milk: types of milk and organoleptic features
  • The frothing pitcher: material, size and dimensions
  • The foaming technique
  • The perfect cappuccino preparation
  • The station service and management techniques
  • The maintenance: the importance of the equipment regular cleaning
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Course Type

Theoretical and practical


6 hours


120€ + IVA


Accademia Trucillo and/or external locations

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Attendance Certificate

This course is also valid as a preparation for the SCA Coffee Diploma System certifications: “Coffee Introduction” and “Barista Skills Foundation”.